Disaster Round Up

April 21, 2018

The ultimate question - do I have to learn to like Spam? - answered now;  it's a Round Up of all the doomsday scenarios researched over the past year. Hold onto your hats and kick on in!




Our brilliant and fascinating guests - my thanks and admiration to you all.  


  1. Professor Maurizio Labbate: UTS + i3Institute

  2. Professor Adam Kamradt-Scott: University of Sydney, SOAR Fellow + Mary Bashir Institute

  3. Dr Alice Williamson: University of Sydney + ABC RN's Top 5 Under 40 winner

  4. Professor James Goff: University of NSW

  5. Peter Baines AOM: Hands Across The Water

  6. Dr Dan Bickel: Australian Museum

  7. Troy Hunt: Independent Cyber Security researcher and consultant

  8. Professor Wayne Reynold: University of Newcastle 

  9. Dr Michael Poland: Scientist in Charge Yellowstone Volcano Observatory 

  10. Dr Andrew Haigh: Australian Bureau of Meteorology

  11. Lisa + David Oldfield: doomsday preppers


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