Solar Flare

Doomsday by solar flare? Let's ask one of Australia’s most fabulous science communicators – Dr Alice Williamson - who also has intel on Switzerland's secret bunkers!

Our esteemed guest

Dr Alice Williamson Alice Williamson is a chemistry lecturer and researcher at The University of Sydney. In 2015, she was named as one of ABC RN and UNSW’s Top 5 Under 40 in a nationwide search for Australia’s next generation of scientific communicators. Alice hosts a weekly science segment, Up and Atom on FBi Radio in Sydney and is a regular guest on Dr Karl's Shirtloads of Science podcast. She's also jolly good fun!

And get this:

Pics of an actual Swiss bunker from our uber groovy audio editor Tiff Dimmack. The bunker is used by indie/pop/rock band '7 Dollar Taxi' for jamming.

Very cool website:

Here you can get the low down on all things space weather like Auroral oval, Hemispheric Power, KP Index...and solar flares.

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