Vegan vs Prepper

Would a VEGAN survive the zombie apocalypse. Or would they just become a food source? It’s Vegan versus Prepper in the match of a lifetime.

Our fabulous guests:

Nutritionist Robyn Chuter

B HlthSci Hons, GDip Couns, Dip Nat.

AHHHGH - the zombies have gotten into Robyn's website this week so if you want to contact her try email:

robyn (at)

These are the mushroom boxes Robyn talks about.

They stay dormant for up to 3 months then you just spray them with water and the spores start to grow into big oyster mushrooms in a couple of weeks. You get 3 harvests per box.

Prepper Guy

Prepper Guy Mark also shared his expertise in an earlier episode Prepping 101. he's inviting any preppers to collaborate on a survivalist You Tube channel: TEOTWAWKI Channel:

And here's his intro video

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