Housewife vs. Apocalypse

September 5, 2017

Real Housewives of Sydney #RHOS star, Lisa Oldfield, was a riot to interview for Episode 1 of Doomsday podcast.  Walking around the house with her pet carpet snake draped around her neck, she swore like a trooper ...with immaculate make-up.  And yep, Lisa is a 'prepper'.  A word I didn't know the meaning of UNTIL I started the Doomsday podcast!



Our fabulous guests this episode:

Lisa Oldfield:  @lisalocks16

David Oldfield: @DavidOldfieldAU





Research citation for our inner geeks:


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Nat Geo Channel (2012). "Let's Armagedd-It-On": National Geographic Channel "Doomsday Preppers" Survey Reveals World May End As It Began -- With a Big Bang.


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